10m x 8mm Elasticated Rope Bungee Shock Cord


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10m x 8mm Elasticated Rope/Bungee Shock Cord

  • Great for guyropes!
  • Use it to tie down tarpaulins! Ideal as it stretches with the wind, helping to prevent the eyelets from being ripped out
  • Won’t Rot!
  • Great for use around the house


This rope is made in Europe. You will not find this rope for sale elsewhere, as we are the Sole Importers of this great value and quality product! This 10m x 8mm Elasticated Rope Bungee Shock Cord has as many uses as you can imagine, and its elastic nature makes it ideal for several uses, including tying down Tarpaulins.


10 reviews for 10m x 8mm Elasticated Rope Bungee Shock Cord

  1. Jerry S. Garvin

    I loved that this came in the specific size that we needed. It’s so far has held up to the wind very well and has done everything it says it would do. Very happy with this product.

  2. Margaret D. Braziel

    This tarp is amazing, the quality is impeccable. So far, it is really durable and the price is reasonable. It is easy to use and the size is perfect to cover items that need coverage.

  3. Connor

    Using this to hold down a tarp across a very badly damp / water damaged wooden shed, tied off on steel cleats.

    Survived some gale force winds, the elastic rope easily pulling the tarp back down again after gusts into the same position.

  4. Henry

    he quality of the elasticated cord is better than the original it has replaced. Good firm stretch and holds down the cover on my trailer tent perfectly. Package was delivered in less than 24 hours from placing the order.

  5. Thomas

    Easy replacement for my very old elasticated rope – seems to be okay so far.

  6. Jose

    Good quality and works as described, however it does have an inner non-elastic rope that when stretched quite far is reached – i.e. if you extend it really quite far it will eventually reach a hard limit. This is fine of course for normal use, but no good for a bungee run 🙂

  7. David

    Strong with rough finish.

  8. Nicholas

    Liked the specification and the product would seem to live up to it

  9. Jordan

    Liked the specification and the product would seem to live up to it

  10. Carlos

    Good quality so far, exactly what i needed for my car trailer cover. Strong and good quality

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