Blue Reinforcing Nylon Weave Tarpaulin 60gsm


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  • Strong ground sheet
  • Reinforcing nylon weave
  • Reinforced corners
  • Waterproof


A great value Blue Reinforcing Nylon Weave Tarpaulin 60gsm for use around the garden to keep items like sandpits, logs, bicycles, tools, etc. Can be used for camping, fishing, and other leisure pursuits.

The size ordered WILL NOT be the size received, the size received will be slightly smaller. Please take this into account when ordering, and if in doubt, order the next size up!


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1.5M X 2M, 2M X 2M, 2M X 3M, 3M X 3M, 3M X 4M, 4M X 4M

10 reviews for Blue Reinforcing Nylon Weave Tarpaulin 60gsm

  1. Daisy Howard

    I got this tarp for lightweight dust and water protection. It will last a few months and for the price I paid I am satisfied. Size is fairly true when you allow for seams. If I were to expect a tarp that would last several years I would expect to pay 3-4 times the price. Good for short term

  2. Abby Hyde

    I wanted something lightweight this size It is exactly that Came early and does what it is supposed to do. NOT for heavy-duty use. I have it as a cover for an outside bench so protect the cushion from birds and weather. I have it bungee to the bench and bc lightweight easy to manoeuvre

  3. Daisy Henderson

    Much thinner than I expected, but still worked for my purposes. I use it to cover a party tent that has a few small holes in it. Tied it on top, and had zero leaks. Good grommets too. Good value for the money, but nothing special.

  4. Alexander Smith

    its actually 3 foot 8 inch by 5 foot 8 inch and its extremely flimsy and cheap. useless for what I bought it for. Wish I had read more of the reviews as I wouldn’t have purchased this.

  5. Lara Mason

    Quality product. Haven’t had it long so not sure of it durability but it feels thick and sturdy.

  6. Madison Houghton

    Might be a good cover if you don’t need to block light. We bought it to go under our mesh safety pool cover but it lets light right in. We opened our pool to find a total swamp!

  7. Lauren Hammond

    The product appears to be strong and sturdy also double layer and the Topside of the tarp is water-resistant while the bottom side is mould resistant. Works great for me because I’m using it until my new roof is installed.

  8. Evan Kay

    This tarp cover worked great, I used it mainly to cover the side of my mobile home to reduce heat on the side due to had to have trees removed that provided shade. The temperature dropped by 15 degrees on aluminium siding. Going to use this until I can get replacement trees installed.

  9. Tia Robinson

    Best heavy duty tarp we’ve ever bought.

  10. Ewan Holt

    Everything the seller sad it was. Used it to cover an unfinished playhouse until better weather arrives, has held up well to date.

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