Clear Heavy Duty Mono Cover Tarp Sheet 100gsm



Waterproof Clear Heavy Duty Mono Cover Tarp Sheet 100gsm Reinforcing Mesh

Suitable for farm, garden , body shop, garage, boatyard, and leisure use, ideal for covering outdoors and also for use indoors.
The waterproof economy is woven polyethylene tarpaulins. These sheets are lightweight covers at 100gsm, with aluminum eyelets at one-meter intervals and on all
These covers are the entry level for a cost-effective waterproof cover. They are recommended for temporary usage and offer an effective waterproof cover for
Our Clear Heavy Duty Mono Cover Tarpaulins are not stitched like your normal tarpaulin so are 100% waterproof.
Eyelets: On a normal tarpaulin the eyelets are punched through the material creating a weak spot – Our Tarpaulins have welded reinforced eyelets which

These lightweight easy to handle covers are widely used as a waterproof covers for many applications, such as:

1. 100 gsm economy multi-purpose tarpaulin
2. HDPE weave with LDPE lamination
3. Rotproof & Shrink-proof etc.

Lightweight & Easy to Handle

Aluminum Eyelets Every Meter

Useful for: camping, fishing, hunting, sledding, paint-balling, gardening, playgrounds, or for anything that needs protecting from harsh weather.

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