Green Lightweight Glass Fiber Fireproof Tarpaulin



Green Lightweight Glass Fiber Fireproof Tarpaulin

Process: The use of advanced heat sealing equipment, full range of two overlapping edgings, double fixed, more solid, pull-resistant pull, no hem, no cracking; because all the roll width is 1.5 meters, so more than 1.5 meters All need to be spliced, after the splicing edge, the product size will be reduced by 10-20 cm, please know

Uses All weather: anti-corrosion, waterproof, anti-shrinkage, and equipped with UV stabilizers. Designed for all weather resistance, including sub-zero winter temperatures and hot summers, make it is ideal for covering roofs.

ALL WEATHER: Rot-proof, waterproof, shrink-proof, and equipped with UV stabilizers. Designed for all weather resistance including sub-zero winter temperatures and blistering hot summers making it is ideally suited to be used as a cover for your roof.

Product Description of Green Lightweight Glass Fiber Fireproof Tarpaulin:

Name: Waterproof coated cloth
Material: 100% polyester canvas (high temperature, cold and durable)
Function: double-sided waterproof sunscreen anti-aging, wear-resistant, thermal insulation
Precautions: Avoid sharp scratches, and water that is not easy to use for a long time, which can greatly extend the service life
Waterproof performance: 100%
Fire performance: 100%
Abrasion resistance: >5000 times
Breaking strength: radial:>1300N, latitude:>1200N
Thickness: 0.45MM
Weight: 500 \㎡
Hole spacing: 100 cm
Features: waterproof, mold, cold, anti-aging, anti-static, anti-tearing, low-temperature hardening, soft and light, etc., applicable to all types of buildings, trucks, companies, seaports, and so on.
Green Lightweight Glass Fiber Fireproof Tarpaulin can be used in the following areas:
Construction sites: Wood protection, aggregates, and machinery
Farm: Protecting Food, Animal Feed, and Machinery
Home: Covering boats, trailers, swimming pools, garden furniture, and barbecues
Recreation: Floor, Seat Bunker, Picnic and Beach Mat, Windproof
Compact: Fold to the ideal size for easy storage in cramped spaces or backpacks.

Tip: The Green Lightweight Glass Fiber Fireproof Tarpaulin is also suitable as a tent canvas to build a bivouac and thus make a spontaneous decision to stay overnight in a forest or other random place. The poly rope sewn around the hem spreads the tensile forces evenly and you are well protected from rain under the tarpaulin.

Note: These Green Lightweight Glass Fiber Fireproof Tarpaulin are wax-proofed and have been dyed, so there can be a risk of color transference upon application – please take caution. We do not recommend that these tarpaulins are suspended solely by the eyelets if used as an outdoor canopy. It is highly recommended to use a ridge line, or a couple of ridge lines of larger sizes, made of rope or bungee which will help support the weight of the tarp. This will also help with a run-off of water as water can pool if tarps are suspended only by the eyelets, adding extra pressure and weight. Use as many of the eyelets provided and install additional eyelets if required, especially if there are stress points.

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