Grey Waterproof PVC Tarpaulin Cover Roll



Grey Waterproof PVC Tarpaulin Cover Roll Inflatables Plastic Sheeting Tarp Cover

A reinforced PVC UV-resistant tarpaulin fabric in a variety of colors A tough and durable PVC coated polyester fabric designed for use in providing weather protection in rugged use applications. It can be sewn, glued, or welded (RF and hot air). Double-coated material which has an extremely tough core polyester fabric and is coated on both sides with PVC.


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10m x 150cm, 11m x 150cm, 12m x 150cm, 13m x 150cm, 14m x 150cm, 15m x 150cm, 16m x 150cm, 17m x 150cm, 18m x 150cm, 19m x 150cm, 1m x 150cm, 20m x 150cm, 2m x 150cm, 3m x 150cm, 4m x 150cm, 5m x 150cm, 6m x 150cm, 7m x 150cm, 8m x 150cm, 9m x 150cm


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