Silver And Brown Heavy Duty UV Resistant PVC Tarpaulin



Silver And Brown 210gm waterproof tarpaulin, camping ground sheet, cover, aluminum eyelets at 1-meter intervals shrink-proof and rot-proof easy to handle UV resistant

Ranging in size from 2.6sqm right up to 400sqm our tarpaulins will cover all your needs.
Used in conjunction with our accessories, with evenly-spaced, sturdy, metal eyelets. The Silver And Brown tarpaulins can be anchored in place to make them safe and secure.
Made from strong weatherproof, rainproof PVC to keep out the elements and with a UV inhibitor to combat the effects of the sun.
Can be used time and time again. If they get dirty a quick wipe or a hose down and they are ready to use again.

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1.4m x 6m, 10m x 10m, 10m x 12m, 10m x 15m, 10m x 20m, 12m x 15m, 12m x18m, 15 x 20m, 15m x 16m, 20m x 20m, 2m x 3m, 2m x 4m, 2m x 8m, 3m x 3m, 3m x 4m, 3m x 5m, 3m x 7m, 4m x 5m, 4m x 6m, 4m x 8m, 5m x 6m, 5m x 8m, 6m x 10m, 6m x 12m, 6m x 8m, 8m x 10m, 8m x 12m


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