Yellow Durable Waterproof Tent Tarpaulin 180gsm



This Yellow Durable Waterproof tent tarpaulin has the strength and durability you need.

Product Name: tarpaulin

Material: Polyethylene, Aluminum

Thickness: 0.35mm

Weight: 180 g/m2

Material: Polyethylene (high-strength polyester filament is a base fabric, with sunscreen insulation, antifreeze, and high temperature)
Dimensions: 2 x 2m, 2 x 3m, 3 x 3m, 3 x 4m, 4 x 4m, 4 x 6m, 5 x 5m, 5x6m, 6 x 8m, 6x10M, 8 x 8m, 8 x 10m (size can be custom made)
Cleaning method: You can use soap to wipe or wash with warm water, but can not be put into the machine to clean


This product uses high-strength polyester filament as the base fabric, with sunscreen insulation, antifreeze, weathering, easy to fold, good flexibility, lightweight, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, waterproof, flame retardant,and other characteristics

Mainly used in Yellow Durable Waterproof waterproof tarpaulins, tents, architectural membranes, food, bridges, buildings, port services, trains, warehouses, terminals, freight yards, etc. as well as various vehicles, waterproof, dustproof, rain cover.

Wind and rain, snow or wind, this Yellow Durable Waterproof tarpaulin can handle all of this!
The fabric is thick, soft ,and tough, wear-resistant, tear-resistant, easy to fold, easy to carry and store.
Uses: Widely used in the construction industry, vehicles and ships transport rainproof, cargo terminal docks open, mine rain and sun protection,
Cleaning method: Wipe with soap cloth or wash with warm water, but can not be put into the machine
Lightweight and durable, perfect plant coverage, summer

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2m x 2m, 2m x 3m, 3m x 3m, 3m x 4m, 4m x 4m, 4m x 6m, 5m x 5m, 5m x 6m, 6m x 10m, 8m x 10m, 8m x 8m


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